Glossary of terms - watches

Complication - complication is any function that goes beyond simple display of time, for example, or a chronograph or moon phase indicator. Grand complications include at least four complications, mostly: Chronograph, secondary, internal calendar and repeat minutes.

Waterproof - Waterproof: provides protection from dust, sweat and moisture according to DIN standards. Note: although the watch waterproof at a depth of 30 m, it should be removed when washing your hands.

Chronometer - Chronometer is the confirmation of the precise clocks. Independent testing center Swiss COSC (Swiss Chronometer Office) test work hours for 15 days and then issue the certificate if the accuracy with a tolerance.

Calendar watch - simple calendars usually shows the date and day of the week. At the annual calendar, different number of days in the month to change the program, it is necessary to adjust for leap years. Interior calendars automatically modify and change the number of days.

Manufactory - production: watch factory that produces at least one full hour, called caliber (caliber). Parts are produced within hours of the factory and assembled into functional watch. Specific components such as coil springs are purchased outside of the factory, or from other manufacturers.

Mechanic, quartz clockwork - Time can be measured electronically by quartz or mechanical oscillations, the pointer is proportional to the energy of the clock escapement.

Chronograph, split seconds - installed stopwatch that works independently of the clock. In addition, thanks to paired , second stopwatch, Rattrapante can measure two events that begin at the same time.

Balance wheel - the pendulum clock, the most important part of the lift at the clock, in addition to spiral. Accuracy of the clock depends on the minimum volatility, tick tock sound.

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