The sapphire glass 

The sapphire glass is made ​​of synthetic sapphire (crystals) and is used in the watch industry in order to protect the hands from damage hours. Artificial sapphire is extremely solid material on the Mohs scale of hardness-takes ninth place, just behind the diamond. Such glass is very difficult to scratch, unlike other glasses and built mainly on more expensive models of watches. .

Mineral glass

The structure is very similar to the classic glass, reinforced by special solidification process in order to get a lot of glass that is resistant to scratches, but is also less resistant to impact and crushing. Hardlex mineral-glass is very scratch resistant sapphire elasticnijen as it it resistant to impact. Sapphlex-mineral glass coated with a layer of sapphire. .


Perspex is a type of plastic or Plexiglas. It has high resistance to cracking, can withstand high pressure and high temperature extremes. The market is cheap and easy to scratch, but to a special method can remove scratches much easier than with mineral glass. .

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