Water resistant

Water resistant
Water resistant 

When there is more water resistant watches water resistance level, respectively three.

WR on most clocks are listed as WR (water resistant). If next to it there is no number, it means that it belongs to the first group of water resistance, which in practice means that only tolerate water as droplets (sweat, rain and possibly washing up).

In other words, be careful.

50 WR this indicates that this clock may not wash my face, take a shower and eventually soak it occasionally, but not for long because they do not tolerate water pressure.

WR 100 Finally, the carefree hours wearing I need the security provided by the hour mark with a WR100. With it you can feel free to take a shower and swim and even dive to.

Professional models of sports watches are marked WR200 or even WR300. It is also not uncommon that these watches have a lid that seals in addition has a thread, and a screw-down crown. These models provide full security in the adventure.

In other words, water-proof quality and is also the tightness of hours as clockwork protection from external influences such as dust, moisture and the like.

We remind you to check the level of water resistance of your watch before you start any action with water!

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