In the strict centre of a town Zrenjanin has been opened a new shop The house of jewellry Mališa. Visitors can see something completely new and quite different from 08 to 20 every working day. The house of jewellery Malisa has 150 m2 and we have made a large afford to satisfy each customer with a broad assortment.

Offers a broad choice of golden, silver jewellery and the jewellery of steel. We also have a very broad choice of watches 31 different, but well-known brand.

The house of jewellry Mališa is direct importer and manufacturer of golden jewellry and we offer 14 carats jewellry, a broad choice of yellow and white gold, and different and attractive combinations of variety colours of gold. Furthermore the jewellery can be combined with or without different semi-precious stones. The house of jewellry Mališa also offers 18 carats golden jewellry combined with brilliants (the most popular style). The jewellry with brilliants is wide world known Italian brand CieRre. Our customers will be given a certificate.

Like direct importer of silver The house of jewellry Mališa offers 925 fine silver. Our shop has a great choice of silver jewellry, from classical and most common models to elegant and very attractive models. Our jewellry is for customers who exactly know what they want - quite different and unique jewellery. We would like to emphasize that we have silver jewellry with a semi-precious moon stone, a sun stone, an onix, a jade, a tigers eye stone, an amethyst, an aquamarine stone, an amber, a zircon, a ruby, a sapphire and an emerald stone as well. People have been used the semi-precious stones for healing and like spiritual means since ancient times. In The house of jewelry Mališa customer only has to come and choose the most perfect stone for his or her personality.

And last but not least, things that are fashion details, things that attract other peoples attention watches, because a watch completes ones personality or ones business look. In The house of jewellry Mališa customer can found 31 different brands like: Seiko, Royal, Police, Casio, Festina, Diesel, Esprit, Puma, D&G, Cerruti, Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli, Armani, Moschino, Donna Karan,Calipso,Guess,Fossil,Sector,Roccobarocco,Sweet Years,Romanson,Timex,Lorus,Swatch,Fortis,Hello Kitty,Michael Kors,Nautica,Go Girl and Zzero. 23 different brands include watches for kids, fashion designers watches, watches for teenagers, watches that make one to look better, watches that matches to ones interests (watches for divers, watches with compass, watches for fishermen, SHOCH RESIST watches, watches for measuring altitude, watches with thermometer or barometer, etc ). We also sell WORLD TIME watches for people who travel very often and DUAL TIME watches (with time for two different time zones). Our customer only has to have a wish and we can make ones wish to come true.

The house of jewellry Mališa invites you to visit us and we will assure you that we are unique in Serbia and world wide.

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